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Agenda Donosti



Go to La Concha, San Sebastian Beach and swim with La Asociación de Esclerosis Múltiple de Guipúzcoa (ADEMGI), 400 metres swimming for a good reason


Les Rois Mages venus d'Orient, arrivent chaque année à Saint-Sébastien le 5 Janvier avec les bras plein de cadeaux pour les enfants. Même s'ils changent le parcours chaque année, ils essayent toujours de rester jusqu'à tard pour que tout le monde puisse les voir

Dock of Bay

Dock of the bay is the first film festival in the annual calendar of events of this type in Spain. It is also a festival with great cultural weight in the city of San Sebastián and, above all, it sets out to be a place for meeting, presenting and exhibiting the world of music documentary fi


The Basque Country is a place of deeply rooted traditions. Going to a cider house is both a cultural and a gastronomic experience, one that awakens the curiosity of the visitor and has its own code of conduct. Simple norms that not only keep the tradition alive but also make for a unique experience.The menu includes: cod omelette, fried cod with green peppers, steak, cheese with apple jelly and walnuts and cider “al txotx”.



The ritual is always the same. The owner, shouting “txotx!”, invites everyone to try the cider from a new barrel. Following his instructions, each person, respecting the order of arrival, inclines his or her empty glass to catch the cider that comes directly out of a tiny hole in the barrel and breaks on the side of the glass, releasing the aromas and flavours of the cider.


The calderero krewes, who commemorate the arrival of travelling people to the city and announce the Carnival , take to the streets of San Sebastián in the evening of the first Saturday in February or of the first Saturday after Candlemas They are accompanied by the Queen, the Ladies-in-waiting, the Director and his assistants, a bear, bear cub and handler.


The first signs of carnival appear in San Sebastián from the date of the city's biggest celebration, 20th January, with the San Sebastián March: Donostiarrei oihu egitera gatoz, pozaldiz! Inauteriak datoz! (We've come to call the people of San Sebastián, joyfully! Carnival is coming!). But prior to the carnival itself, the city enjoys yet another celebration: the caldereros (travelling people) and iñudeak eta artzaiak (nursemaids and shepherds) weekend.

Nodrizas y pastores

The celebration of Inudeak eta Artzaiak parade, a wink to the courting that went on between nursemaids and shepherds when the latter came down into the city. The parade includes 30 couples of inude eta artzaiak, some 60 drummers, and other characters like the mayor and his wife, a secretary, a bishop, a priest, altar boys, provincial policemen, a wafer-seller, a boot cleaner, a baker-woman, a street sweeper and other characters in period dress.



Sevatour experience, will be focus in discover San Sebastian , Gipuzkoa and some interesting places that you couldn´t imagine


The purpose of the theatre and dance fair DFERIA is to promote the performing arts, providing professionals the opportunity to exchange ideas and present the latest theatrical creations, with particular attention on promoting Basque theatre companies.


The fisrt Lilaton was in 1990, it is 5 kms for the woman

Carrera de empresas

University of San Sebastian- Donostia organise this race to welcome the spring, is it a good example to motive the students

Semana Santa

Donostia Kultura Festak collaborates with the Regional Houses of the city in the organisation or their celebrations.


Human right film festival

An exhibition that is growing year by year and pretends to go deep into the engagement and the firm commitment of this City Council to extend among the citizens a Culture of Peace and Coexistence based on the tolerance, solidarity, respect, diversity and social cohesion pedagogy. All this through cinema, with a programming that includes feature films and short films containing the most important thematic issues of the year related to human rights.

Surf in Zarautz

Pro Zarautz 2016 is the name of the surf festival held in Zarautz from March 31 to April 3. The main activity of this event is the QS 1000 men and women surf championship, which is part of the World Qualifying Series organized by World Surf League (WSL). In this tournament we’ll have local, european and worldwide surfers.


Olatu Talka

OLATU he first edition of this original event, the Olatu Talka festival, was celebrated in 2010, the only self-made event or driven by the own citizens in support of the candidacy of San Sebastian as European Capital of Culture 2016. The festival opens channels to innovative and participatory cultural expressions, along the city during a complete weekend in May. People from San Sebastian, Gipuzkoa and visitors are invited to contribute to this authentic party of participatory culture and cultural participation.



The Surfilm Festibal is an international exhibition that tries to combine cinema, video and surf culture, not only from the sporting point of view, but also from a sociological perspective, and paying special attention to the environment. The festival wants to be a thermometer of the best world-wide audio-visual production devoted to the world of surfing. It also tries to take some risks with their programming, showing little-known works and avoiding the existing clichés.

San Juan

On June, 23rd, one of the most magic and popular night of the year will take place in San Sebastian. The tradition behind San Juan’s is celebrated around the globe and of course the city of San Sebastian takes this celebration very

Race Course

The warmest months of the year see the betting world gather at the San Sebastián Racecourse. Horse races, and particularly the Copa de Oro (Gold Cup), one of the races in the prestigious Le Defi du Galop competition, attracts hundreds of spectators who come to have a good time and place bets on these exciting summer afternoons. On June began the season, horse-racing enthusiasts can't miss this meeting!


Donostia Cup

The Donosti Cup international youth soccer tournament will take place for the 24th time. Donosti Cup is an international football tournament where teams from all around the world take part.


The regattas or boat races of San Sebastian take place on the first two Sundays of September in La Concha Bay. The Thursday before the first Sunday, up to 24 crafts from the Cantabrian coast compete to obtain one of the seven positions of one of the most prestigious rowing competition of the season. These crafts have a thirteen-man crew: twelve oarsmen and a cox. They are an adaptation of the traditional fishing craft for sporting purposes.


Practically everybody who was anybody in the world of jazz over the past 47 years has been included in the program of the International Jazz Festival, with all sorts of styles and varieties. More than 2.000 musicians have played in San Sebastian, many of them on more than one occasion, and among them we find the main figures from the world of jazz of the last decades. Therefore, the history of the Festival runs parallel to the whole history of modern jazz itself. The following is the video summary of the 2011 edition.

La Clásica

Clásica San Sebastián-San Sebastián (San Sebastián Classic) is a cycle race that has been held every summer since 1981 in San Sebastián, Spain. Clásica de San Sebastián is famous for its spectacular views of the coastline and its winding, undulating terrain which strongly favours aggressive riding. The current race route is approximately 220 kilometres in length and includes the tough Alto de Jaizkibel climb at around the 200 kilometre mark.

Zarautz y Getaria

Getaria zarautz one of the most import open water swimming race in Gipuzkoa


the music Fortnight

The Music Fortnight is a classic music festival, member of the Spanish Association of Classical Music Festivals and the European Festivals Association. The event was born in 1939 in the Basque City of San Sebastian, Spain, which makes it the oldest festival in Spain and one of the oldest in Europe. The Music Fortnight takes place every year in the month of August, a period in which more than a hundred concerts and shows are offered on severales in San Sebastian.

Semana Grande

During the week of the 15th of August, the Virgin's Day, this festivity is held combining the International Firework Competition right in the middle of La Concha Bay; horse races at San Sebastian Racecourse; the best programme of music in Sagües and at many other sites throughout the city; and endless festive-play activities for children and senior citizens.



KKF is the city's youngest bash. That said, its short life has shown it to be different to other festivals thanks to the independent music it brings to the city, the stage (in the Parque de Atracciones Monte Igeldo) with its spectacular views of the city, and the transport provided (more than 12,000 people used the public bus service laid on for the event).These features make the KKF a unique musical experience, with two stages and big international bands to enjoy while having fun... from mid-afternoon onwards. This is an experience money can’t buy.

Festival de cine

Festival Internacional de Cine de San Sebastián - Donostiako Zinemaldia, se celebra anualmente a finales del mes de septiembre, en  San Sebastián . Su primera edición arrancó el 21 de septiembre de 1953. El Festival de San Sebastián es el más importante de los que se celebran en España sobre cine y en el conjunto de países de habla hispana, así como uno de los más longevos y prestigiosos de Europa



Beyond the matchless beauty of the Concha Bay, its strategic location as an amphitheatre looking out onto the sea and its recognised quality as an excellent tourist destination, San Sebastián is the stage for an innovative gastronomy thanks to which it has earned fame all over the world.

Festival de terror

Each autumn the Principal Theatre and the surroundings become a party for the horror and fantasy film amateurs. The best genre films of the year, exhibitions, Comic-Book Encounters and all sorts of activities come together during a week in San Sebastian, filling the streets



More than 30,000 runners take part in one of Europe’s most popular and exciting races. Take part in a 20 km route accompanied by thousands of “cheerers” and crossing a spectacular finishing line in the centre of San Sebastianwith colour, fun and fantasy.


Le semi-marathon et la course de 10 kilomètres passant par le centre d’une ville juchée sur la mer.


The San Sebastián Marathon will be celebrated on November . More than 6,000 runners will gather to compete in the marathon, half-marathon and 10-km races, which wind through the heart of this city perched above the sea


Santo Tomas

St. Thomas Feast Day takes place on 21st of December. This day San Sebastian is transformed into a rural market where the undisputed leaders are the txistorra (sausage) and the talo (flat corn bread). The celebration is centred on the Constitución Square, where the stalls are set up to serve traditional local products: cider, txistorra, talo, cod, cheeses...


Olentzero is a coal maker that every year comes to San Sebastian on the 24th of December in order to handle out gifts to all boys and girls. In order to make sure that everyone gets to see him and express their wishes, he goes around the streets of the city and receives every child that wants to see him.

San silvestre

San Silvestre, 31th Diciembre . Every year, more than 1,000 participants register for this competition that makes its way through the most beautiful parts of San Sebastián.


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